Careers Department

Offering Pathways

Ongoing career counselling is available and events are organised throughout the year to encourage students to explore the many career pathways available to them. Our aim is to assist students in having access to career education that is both personalised and future-focused.

A career development programme has been designed to create awareness and equip students with relevant information to assist them in making informed decisions about careers, occupations and future life roles.

  • Year 9 students have an opportunity to identify their interests, skills, values, achievements etc. with potential career matches and explore the current trends in the rapidly changing work force.  
  • Year 10students will complete a focus on ‘My Learning and Career Plan’ in the first term providing useful background for the Level 1 NCEA subject selection process. Later in the year they attend a taster day which is hosted by the local tertiary providers. This ‘hands on’ programme includes a focus on the six Vocational Pathways. Finally, in the fourth term as part of their work exploration programme students will spend two days based at a workplace so they can gain first-hand experience of being in the workforce.
  • Year 11students will have an opportunity to use the Career NZ software including Career Quest, Skill Matcher/ Builder, Subject matcher to match their interests and strengths with potential careers. Some of the students will also attend the regional Year 11 Industry Day which has a focus on community and social services this year.
  • Year 12students will take part in the Careers Day programme held in the third term. They will attend workshops led by invited speakers from tertiary providers and a range of workers from a range of industries. There will also be an opportunity for students who have a focus on vocational and trade occupations to attend the regional bi-annual ‘Future Me’ careers event.
  • Year 13students have many career events scheduled in their final year. They can attend a range of tertiary presentations held in lunchtime sessions as well as the ‘Future Me’ conference. University liaison staff are on hand to provide guidance for tertiary course counselling at the Careers Day held in late August. The ‘Moving Out’ workshop morning, also held in the third term, is about managing the transition to tertiary education and the workforce – completing student loan applications, flatting and tips for financial survival are covered.

In addition, the Transition programme incorporates the PITA and Gateway pathways as well as the benefit of STAR funded short courses providing senior students with important work opportunities in preparation for future employment.

School Leavers

School Leaver


Oliver Lee Publications: Publishes the high quality ‘Leaving School’ magazine which is packed full of interesting stories and info. Online magazines explaining interesting careers journeys.

University Preparation

TERM 1: Individual career interviews and university liaison presentations.

All Year 13s have an individual interview with the Career Adviser which takes place during their tutorial sessions. They can also book follow up visits if required. Up to date course booklets/ prospectuses for all universities are available from the Careers Office (as available from the Universities).

University Liaison Visits. These presentations are held in the Senior College Centre (SCC) at 12.45 till 1.25pm (prompt start). Year 13s bring their lunch on a tray.

Victoria University: 7 March
Canterbury University: 8 March
AUT: 15 March (held at Wairarapa College)
Lincoln University: 3 April
Auckland University: 4 April
Otago University: 8 April
Massey University: 10 April

Ex-students also give presentations about their experiences of university life, living in Halls of Residence, costs involved and applying for scholarships. Held in the SCC at lunchtime (in Term 1 & 2) depending on individual student’s availability.

TERM 2: University Open Days and researching available scholarships plus CV lunchtime sessions.

School vans are used to transport students who wish to attend the Massey (Manawatu) Open Day in Palmerston North.  Those attending the Open Day events at Victoria University and Massey (Wellington) Open Day take the train in to Wellington and use the shuttle buses provided by the universities. Parents are very welcome at the Open Days.

Links for University Open Days are available on the Careers web page.

TERM 3: Applying for Halls of Residence, scholarships and course planning for tertiary programmes.

Applications for the Halls of Residence can be submitted from August 1stuntil October 1st (school deadline is mid-September). See Year 13 Deans

Scholarship application deadlines

On Friday August 24th August the liaison officers from all the universities are available for course counselling in the School Library from 1.30 -3pm. Students who are planning to go in to the workforce or have a gap year will attend a session covering job interview skills.

‘Moving On’ workshop morning programme includes workshops on: Financial Survival, Cooking for flatting, Applying for a Study loan, My Personality (Myers-Briggs diagnostic assessment) CVs and Cover Letters etc.

TERM 4: Applications for University courses and study loans completed.

ALL students can access both the scholarship database via the link on the Careers page under Scholarship Information.  Further information about study loans is available using the Study Link and Free Fees Information in the Study Loan information. This information is also covered during the ‘Moving Out’ workshop in Term 3 and the Career Adviser is available if more assistance is needed.

Tertiary Open Day Information

Open Days are an opportunity to explore and see if the University is a good fit for you.

  • you can investigate your course options and seek specific advice about the programme from the academic staff
  • attend lectures
  • tour the campus and accommodation facilities

Make sure you plan ahead. See information about Massey University (P. Nth) and Victoria / Massey (Wellington) trips in the UNIVERSITY PREPARATION sectionRemember, you will need to register for some of the Open Days. Follow the links and do this online.

By attending the lunchtime sessions and filling in the feedback forms you will be on the university’s database and should be receiving information from the universities about their open days and other events. For a number of the Open Days you will need to REGISTER. Posters advertising these events are on display in the Senior College Centre on the university noticeboards. See websites for details.

Dates for 2019 University and local Polytechnic Open Day events. Links to these days will be posted when available.

Dunedin Tertiary Open Days are Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May . Click  here  for  the information booklet about this event.

Waikato University – Friday 17th May.

University of Canterbury  there is an information evening at Te Papa on Wednesday May 7th. Followed by an Open Day on Thursday 11th July.

 Lincoln University – Friday 19th July.

 Victoria University – Friday 23rd August.

 Massey University – Manawatu Wednesday 7th August

                                     Wellington Friday 23rd August

                                     Auckland Saturday 25th August.

 University Of Auckland – Saturday 31st August.


AUT – Saturday 31st August.

Scholarship Information

Sports Scholarships at Universities in America Information Evening .Tuesday 2nd April 6.30pm Venue SSC

If you are in Years 11-13 and  considering studying in the States and are interested in applying for a sports scholarship come along to this information evening. Students and parents are invited to find out the key information linked to this process.


University Scholarships for Year 13 Students

This list includes scholarships offered by every university as well as those specifically available to local students. A list of privately-funded, Maori, Pacific and International university scholarships. Applications close throughout the year, with tens of millions of dollars available. There is also a list of tips for scholarship success.

For more details and to find suitable scholarships, visit:  MoneyHub Scholarship page

Lincoln University Scholarships (this link isn’t included on the Moneyhub database)

5 Steps for Scholarship Success

Take your time working through the possible scholarships available. For additional help go to the Careers office. Make sure you check deadlines for applications.

Other local Scholarship links

These include:

Wairarapa UCOL

Tertiary Scholarships – Rotary Club of Wellington North

Student Loan Information

StudyLink: For student loans and associated information.

RealMe: You need a RealMe profile in order to get a student loan and/or allowance.

Fees Free Information: All you want to know and more is here*

*Must be a resident visa or be a permanent citizen for at least 3 year prior to enrolling to get free fees

Helpful Information

Career Events

There are FOUR main Career events and these include: 

‘Future me’ Careers Conference is held for senior students (Y.12/13) from Colleges in the Wairarapa. This event is organised by the Career advisers in the region with the assistance of Wairarapa REAP.  This day is of most benefit to students who are looking at going into the job market, or those who are unsure about their future career path and are not intending to pursue a university qualification.

Students who attend will hear guest speakers and attend workshops in the vocational pathways that align with their skills and interests.

Date: 3 August 2018

Rathkeale Careers Day involves the Year 12s students in a workshop programme in the morning. They attend three self selected workshops which cover pathways or vocational areas of interest. There is time set aside to work on setting up their CVs.  In the afternoon the Year 13s have an opportunity to spend time with the student liaison staff from the different universities in the Library and do some course planning for their prospective tertiary courses. For those students not intending to attend university they will be working on their job interview skills. After 4pm the subject selection session is held in the Auditorium for Year 9 – 12 students.

Date: 24 August

Year 11 Industry Day  A group of Year 11 students will have an opportunity to visit local industry employers and tertiary providers. They will learn more about how social and community industries enable and support well- being and safety in our community.

Date: 15 June

YETE Quickfire Connection  These events are held in the evening and organised by a local organisation called YETE (Youth Education Towards Employment) where senior students who are interested in a specific industry area have an opportunity to talk with a number of local employers.  The following sessions will be held in 2018.

Industry focus:                                                  Date:

Community and Social Services                  4 July

Technology and Manufacturing                  12 September

Primary Industries                                           24 October


Other Opportunities

Otago University is offering a GO2OU award for students interested in studying Humanities (History, Geography, English, Economics, Law, Music etc.) This award covers the airfare, meals and accommodation costs to visit the University campus for a couple of days in Term 3. We can only send ONE Year 13 applicant so see Mrs McKeown for more information.

If you are interested in Hospitality Management and Adventure Tourism management then look at the information on Queenstown Resort College’s links. There is an opportunity for Year 13 students to attend Career Week (dates to be finalised) and go to Queenstown for two nights to see the facilities and meet the staff. Go on to the links below and see Mrs McKeown for more detail.

If you enjoy design and would like to develop some new skills then YOOBEE have a school holiday programme that offers courses at their Wellington campus which include: Digital graphic design; 3D animation using Maya and Photoshop and film production. Look for details on the link below and then see Mrs McKeown.

Yoobee School of Design

Writing a CV

Everyone needs a CV (Curriculum Vitae) for job applications

  • Click on to the link below and make a start on your CV.

  • Another useful link for CV templates. Remember you are looking at the skills based CV.

If you need help with writing a CV see Mrs McKeown in the Careers office to organise an appointment time for individual assistance.

In Term 2 the CV lunchtime sessions will be held in the Library for Year 13s. The sessions start at 1pm and you will need to bring your laptop. Make sure you get your name on to the CV List (this is on the Senior College Centre noticeboard or email: and each lunchtime six people will be given time to update or set up their CVs.

Careers Links

The links will give you relevant, up to date and helpful career information.

Year 11:

  • Career Quest – Find job suggestions based on YOUR interests
  • Skill Matcher – Find job ideas that match your skills
  • Subject Matcher – Find job ideas that match the subjects you enjoy
  • Just the Job – Showcases 200+ jobs in a range of industries to give you some ideas

Year 12:

  • Careers New Zealand: A wide variety of useful info, tools, and resources including quizzes, CV builders, and job databases.

Year 13:

The Careers team consists of:

Mrs Michelle Green (Career Advisor) 06 370075 ext 7767