Boarding Houses

Cranleigh, Repton and Rugby Boarding Houses at Rathkeale College accommodate over 180 students. All year 9 boarders start their time in Rugby House and then move to Cranleigh or Repton, or remain in Rugby from Year 10 onwards.

Special features of Rathkeale College boarding include;

  • the obvious presence and involvement of live-in boarding masters, matrons and tutors
  • controlled prep times where juniors are monitored by senior students and duty staff
  • meals
  • the availability of the outdoors for activities to interest boys in their leisure time
  • flexibility to accommodate school and family needs

House Contacts

Repton House:

Housemaster: Mr Rodney de Klerk. Email , Ph 021 0258 8779
Matron: Bea Harris (Evening) Day Matron TBC. Email , Ph 027 444 2269

Cranleigh House:

Housemaster: Mr Glenn McIntosh. Email , Ph 027 274 6686
Matron: Prue Dashfield (Evening), Maureen Vaughan (Day). Email , Ph 027 444 2263

Rugby House:

Housemaster: Mr Paddy Gluck  Email , Ph 027 428 4204
Matron: Kay Easton (Evening), Corinna Wilson (Day). Email , Ph 027 444 2256