Reporting at Rathkeale: A new format for 2020

Rathkeale is adopting a different style of reporting for the 2020 academic year. In line with other schools, we aim to build a sense of ‘real time’ reporting, using information and results which will be made available to parents as they are recorded.

In brief:

  • Parents are encouraged to regularly check results via the Parent Portal.
  • As a result is gained by a student and entered into KAMAR, teachers will record a short comment.
  • All grades will use the N A M E format.
  • Effort Grades will be completed twice a term for the whole school in Terms 1, 2, 3, and once in Term 4 for years 9 & 10.
  • Effort Grades will focus on four Key Competencies: Participating and Contributing, Managing Self, Thinking and Relating to Others, with grades Beginning, Developing, Accomplished and Exemplary.
  • Traditional full written reports will not be produced.
  • A final reference/testimonial will be produced for students at the end of Year 13 and for other leavers ‘on demand’.

Please read the full document Reporting Overview 2020

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Schedule of Reporting

Term 1
Effort Grade Report: Friday 6 March (Week 6) and Friday 3 April (Week 10)
Parent Teacher Interviews (All Years): Thursday 19 March and Friday 20 March (Week 8)

Term 2
Effort Grade Report: Friday 12 June June (Week 9)

Term 3
Effort Grade Report: Friday 17 August (Week 5) and Friday 18 September (Week 9)
Parent Teacher Interviews (Years 11, 12 and 13): Friday 31 July (Week 2)
Parent Teacher Interviews (Years 9 and 10): Friday 11 September (Week 8)

Term 4
Effort Grade Report (Years 9 and 10): Friday 6 November